We are located at Clayton Heights Secondary, in the adjacent parking lot on 188 Street at 70 Ave in Surrey.

Our Market is every other Sunday from May 2 - October 31, 2021.


Street Parking is available on all neighbouring streets. Please don't park in the parking lot of the adjacent off-leash dog park, parking rules will be strictly enforced.

Frequently asked questions

How can I find out what is happening at the market?

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on events, music, and other fun stuff! You can also visit our Special Events Page or Vendor List to find out all about our upcoming market.

I lost the contact information for a vendor. How can I connect with them?

Most vendors can be found listed on our Vendor Page, along with their contact info. Not finding them? Get in touch with the manager and ask! Most vendors are happy to have their contact info given to excited customers.

Are dogs allowed at the market?

The Clayton Community Farmers' Market is held on public property and is therefore subject to city bylaws which allow dogs on city streets as long as they are under control.

Friendly dogs on a short leash are always welcome!

Do I need a health permit to sell prepared foods?

Food vendors serving higher risk foods as defined in the guideline must have a letter of confirmation signed by the District Environmental Health Officer, a permit to operate, and/or a business license depending on the type of operation.

Applications for sale of higher risk foods at temporary food markets (Refer to Appendix lV of the Guideline) must be submitted to the Surrey EHO at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the Market. As a reminder, a temporary hand-sink or portable hand-sink may be required depending on if sampling is occurring or not; again, food vendors must have written health approval from myself prior to conducting any sampling at the market.

How do I become a market vendor?

To become a vendor at the Farmers' Market you must complete a vendor application form online. All items sold must be listed on the application and must be approved by the board prior to sale. Copies of Health Permits must be submitted for any applicant selling prepared food. The Board may request further documentation at anytime to assure compliance with the Market Vendor Regulations. All general inquires regarding availability should be directed to the Market Manager at info@claytonfarmersmarket.org Stall space and areas of need are constantly changing and therefore applications are continually accepted, however, only successful applicants will be contacted. Applications are kept of file for one year.

How is the market supported?

The market is supported through vendor fees and generous community sponsors.

Is the market wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our market is wheelchair accessible.

Can not-for-profits participate at the market?

The Clayton Community Farmer's Market Society provides (limited) free space to local not-for-profit groups. Please contact us at info@claytonfarmersmarket.org or through our contact form for info and availability.

How are vendors selected?

The Clayton Community Farmer's Market Society is committed to having a strong diverse marketplace with locally produced products of the highest quality. All vendors must submit an online application to the Market Manager that will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. Visit our vendor inquiries page. The Society is not bound by any particular set of criteria and reserves the right to accept or refuse anyone as a vendor.

Are direct sales permitted?

We are a diverse community market and will have a limited amount of reseller spots available at every market.

It is raining today, will the market still happen?

If the forecast predicts heavy rain or strong winds, we might have to cancel the market for safety reasons. Please check our social media for all updates.

Are there washrooms at the market?

Yes, there is one public (accessible) washroom on-site.

Do vendors accept credit card?

Some vendors accept credit cards and debit cards, however, cash is the best choice at the farmers market. Forgot to get some cash? No problem at all! Starting in May of 2019, we are proudly offering "Market Money" in $ 5 tokens which can be bought at no extra charge from the Market Info Booth and then used just like regular cash at ANY vendor booth.

Can I volunteer at the market?

Yes you can, take a look at our Volunteer page for volunteer information!

Can my business advertise at the market?

We have a variety of Sponsorship opportunities available for businesses. You can find the information on our Community Sponsorship page.

I'd like a farmer's market poster for my business window, strata lobby or other public space. Can I have one?

Yes, we’d appreciate your help in advertising the market and will gladly provide you with a poster. Please email us at info@claytonfarmersmarket.org and let us know how many posters you need and we’ll drop them off as soon as possible.