Sapadilla Laundry Liquid Sweet Lavender + Lime

Very concentrated (comes in a refillable mason jar)

• Biodegradable and earth friendly laundry detergent packs in all sorts of goodness and leaves out the harsh chemicals
• Made with loads of plant-based ingredients that get clothes clean and fresh
• Fills the laundry room with the beautiful aroma of 100% natural essential oils

MEDIUM LOAD: 25ml/0.85fl-oz for high efficiency (HE).
LARGE LOAD: 37.5ml/1.27fl-oz for high efficiency (HE). Add a little more for standard machines. For Best Results: Pre-treat spills and spots with a stain remover.


Refill Road
507 -201 Alvin Narod Mews
Vancouver, BC. V6B 8P5
T: 778 893 4680

Sapadilla Laundry Liquid Sweet Lavender + Lime